Reviews Gigant

  • Jean
    A fantastic tool, for a month up to 3 inches! The girl is enthusiastic about it, plus it is a lot increased the desire, time out of bed for entire days, do not quit!
  • Jean
    A good drug, even if the libido only increases as the application time. But the main effect is the growth of a member, remains for ever. For 4 cm of the penis is grown and a couple of cm of diameter added.
  • Valérie
    I first I did not believe it, but a member really grew up. Even if it is not so, as we write, and not 6 inches, and 4. I still believe in the course of the trial, you may still grow.
  • Monique
    I bought my husband, I love him, but dick left much to be desired, hardly any pleasure has not received. But now! Thick, long, strong, a pleasure to read. And you are reconciled, as well as the sex is good.
  • Isabelle
    What do you say, and size matters. I am a boy as I wanted to stop, because the little he had, but decided to finally gel Gigant buy, and suddenly will help you. Now and I don't think it's his penis up to 5 cm, is grown, a whole other thing!
Reviews Gigant