How to increase penis through length and thickness exercises?

Most men care about the size of their penis. If it is too small or too long, but too thin, it becomes a complicated and serious cause, which will cause problems in the relationship with the opposite sex. This is why the problem arises. Which exercises help to enlarge the penis?

There are many techniques for enhancing male dignity. Some provide immediate but temporary results. For example, a vacuum pump or accessory used to enlarge the penis. Other methods have been devised to obtain permanent results and last a lifetime.

Penis enlargement exercises are designed to achieve lasting results. Of course, after a week of training, the penis will not increase, you must be patient. Usually, men combine several different activities, focusing on increasing length and thickness.

Let us find out what are the methods of penis enlargement, are they really effective? Also consider what kind of penis "gymnastics" contributes to the active growth of organs?

Penis enlargement method

All exercises are characterized by different performance, because they depend on the goal-increasing the length, thickness or head of the reproductive organs. There are various changes. The principle of operation is simple: during training, the blood flowing to the penis is stimulated, and the cavernous body begins to increase under the pressure of the fluid, which causes it to stretch.

If you keep exercising, the corpus cavernosum will maintain its new size, and the penis will become thicker and longer during erection. Men push, stretch, stretch and twist the penis to achieve the desired effect.

Home massage can not only promote the growth of the penis, but also stimulate the growth of the penis, improve erection, and stimulate blood flow. In some cases, this effect can be observed after 2-3 months of training.

Penis stretching exercises are supplemented by other expansion methods:

  • Penis massage and baking soda;
  • Wearing an extender;
  • Use a vacuum pump;
  • Hanging objects.

Training by stretching the penis has the following advantages: it is highly usable and easy to perform, without spending a lot of money, and if the operation is correct, it is safe for the body.

Important!No matter what you choose, class always starts with a warm-up, because exercise is related to the dynamic load on the penis, which may cause injury.

Stretch the penis

Special exercises for penis enlargement

Penis stretching is a way to help increase organ length. There are several acting techniques that can help address different aspects of masculinity. We must begin to stretch downward.

The exercise process is as follows: hold the head of the penis and hold the "ring" tightly. Then they began to pull the penis. After reaching the maximum extension, they will be fixed for fifteen to twenty-five seconds. This activity helps stretch the upper ligament of the penis. To enhance the effect, please add the second hand-creating a double load.

After that, you need to stretch it: hold the penis in the opposite direction and slowly pull it up, maintaining the maximum tension for 15-25 seconds. This activity helps stretch the albuginea of ​​the penis. It is recommended to swing the pubococcygeus muscle while stretching.

Then, the steps are as follows:

  1. Horizontal stretch.It is necessary to pull the penis of the head left and right.
  2. Spiral extension.Hold the head in the opposite direction, pull the penis down, and then guide the organ counterclockwise to the left. Further-on the right.

These 4 exercises should be combined. They start with 2-3 exercises per week and then continue with 5 classes. Over time, the load on the penis should increase: it can increase up to 10 to 15 entries in 7 days.

Important!This effect will show up in a few months-the erection of the penis becomes longer and longer.

Increase the thickness of the penis

Practice to increase the length of the penis

Thickening of the reproductive organs is a more difficult task. At home, many people do this exercise-"lock the blood in the organs". The technique is somewhat similar to clamping, but for lazy men. For training, you only need elastic bandages and lubricants. The important thing is not to forget to warm your penis.

You need to make yourself 100% erect. Then use an elastic bandage to pull the bottom of the reproductive organs tightly. Then, they apply lubricant or use a special gel to enlarge the penis, tightly hold the torso of the penis tightly with a bandage, and perform Yaqing training-pulling the "ring" toward the head.

If the penis feels tingling and the skin turns blue during class, the bandage should be removed immediately. The training ends with an intensive massage of 5-10 minutes.

Extreme activities for penis enlargement at home:

  • Hold the base of the penis with the "O" handle. The pressure keeps the erect penis from leaving the blood;
  • Move the handle as close to the pubic bone as possible to expand the trunk of the reproductive organs;
  • Push the grip again-the penis should be enlarged (swollen);
  • Then return to the starting position to release the pressure;
  • Repeat 5-10 times.

This is how you train for 10-15 minutes. You can finish this lesson by ejaculating after masturbating.

Dry Yaqing method helps to make the penis thicker. The penis is not lubricated. The person is in a comfortable posture, holding the base of the penis. Then, he used the grip "O" to pull out his head. Repeat 30-40 times in total. If there is no training experience, the possibility of injury is high.

Important!The described technique can promote the growth of the penis, while having a positive effect on erectile function-enhancing efficacy, libido, quality of the riser, and duration of sexual intercourse are all improved.

How to enlarge the head of the penis?

Practice to increase the thickness of the penis

Sometimes the penis is long and thick, but the glans is small. There are some techniques that focus on increasing the head. It takes a lot of time to increase the volume to the head, but it is worth it.

The simplest option is to massage the penis to enlarge it, especially if this effect is only on the head. You can perform the massage in any position: standing, lying down, sitting. Apply a small amount of lubricant to the head, and then pull the foreskin back to the pubic bone.

Then, hold the head with the fingers of your right hand and start "squeezing" to try to exercise from the inside. It has a strong sensitivity and can observe obvious discomfort, but in fact, it stabilizes after 5 to 7 treatment courses because the head can adapt to the load.

To enlarge the head of the penis, you need to make yourself 100% erect, and then perform the following steps:

  1. Squeeze the root of the penis as tightly as possible and stay there for one minute. At this point, you can observe blood pouring into the head-it turns red and swells.
  2. Then you need to "work with your fist"-squeeze and release the base 15-30 times. This action continuously draws blood to maintain an erection.
  3. The hand squeezing the base of the penis stays in place, while the other hand grasps the head of the penis. Then squeeze the base and head at the same time. When compressed, they will be delayed for 15 seconds, then released, and repeated. Do this 20 to 50 times.
  4. Final stage: Sit on a chair, hold the penis with your hands, and hit the inner thigh: 15 times in different directions.

First of all, training is difficult, but based on experience, a person will exactly find effective actions and rhythms without causing discomfort. It takes 1-2 months to achieve the desired result. Increasing head volume is a long-term process.

Alternatively, you can try to roll the head of the penis-this method is very popular on NUP forums. The erect penis is placed on a flat surface such as a table. Then they picked up ordinary rolling sticks or sticks and started rolling their heads out. Since exercise is fraught with serious injuries and pain, it is necessary to measure physical stress.

The possibility of penis enlargement at home is very high. The most important thing is to choose the best exercise method for yourself. If the penis is not long, don't give up. There is no universal profession that can help everyone without exception.