Penis enlargement

Surgery to enlarge the penis

When a man is not satisfied with his penis size, he will consider his penis enlargement. There are various treatments, from ointments and creams to mechanical pumps, but none of them work. Only surgery to enlarge the penis is considered an effective method.

During erection, the average penis size is considered to be 12 to 15 cm. However, under normal conditions, the length and size will be significantly different. Men’s intimacy towards the length and width of their penis is common throughout the world.

You need to consult a doctor before deciding on penis enlargement. Only a few patients really need surgery.

Indications for going to the clinic:

  • Abnormal member development;
  • Its deformation;
  • Congenital micropenis;
  • The convolution of the penis.

If this operation is not required, any qualified doctor at the medical center will try to discourage you from taking such responsible steps.

Existing technology

Modern methods of surgical penis enlargement involve various ways of enlargement.

In the initial stage, it is important to determine the type of correction required:

  1. Organ lengthening.Ligamentotomy is a common type of surgery in which the length of the penis increases. The organ stretches from 3 cm to 6 cm, while the thickness remains the same. The essence of this method is to cut the ligament connecting the penis and the pelvic bone. In fact, the penis did not increase and the length remained the same. The invisible part of the organ becomes visually visible.
  2. Thickening of the penis.Lipid filling is also relatively safe. Elongation occurs due to the introduction of the patient's subcutaneous fat, biogel or silicone implant under the skin. Sometimes men use this method alone at home, but it almost always results in suppuration and abscesses.
  3. Prostheses.The operation is a serious and complicated surgical operation, so not every doctor agrees. Moreover, not every polyclinic has high-quality equipment equipped with a new generation of medical centers. Cartilage tissue or similar elastic materials are used as prostheses.

Modern medicine recommends the use of implants with an inflation mechanism. This person independently regulates the strength of the erection. But not everyone can afford such an invention, so surgeons use special prostheses.

Patients often ask to increase the length and volume of the penis at the same time, but unfortunately, today's surgery does not provide this possibility.

Prepare for surgery

Ways to enlarge the penis

Many surgeons practice showing videos to patients before surgery to show the progress of the surgery. The program seemed unrepresentable, so some people immediately rejected it.

Penis enlargement surgery is a complete operation. After discussing the possibility of penis replacement with the patient, it is necessary to see a specialist. You need to donate urine and blood and see a urologist. Before surgery, determine the blood type and clotting time, Rh factor, and exclude the presence of hepatitis and HIV infection in the body. In some cases, an ECG will be prescribed.

If all examinations are normal, the doctor will indicate the date of the operation and discuss the cost of the operation. No need to be hospitalized in advance. It is important not to eat the day before, but only drink a small amount of water.

The night before the operation, you need to drink antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor.

Progress process

Operation time-30 minutes. Invite the patient to the operating room for anesthesia. After he relaxed and fell asleep, the doctor started the process.

Previously, penis enlargement techniques involved an incision through the pubic bone. This place left a scar. Today, this method is considered obsolete and is no longer used in modern clinics.

Performing the procedure from the scrotum, making an incision in the middle, is more aesthetically pleasing. Use a scalpel to trim where necessary. The penis is as stretched as possible and its position is fixed. The incision is closed with absorbable sutures. The method is so effective that men forget the operation after 5-7 weeks.

There are no terrible scars and cuts, so sexual partners may not know that the patient has undergone this operation. Plastic surgeons also claim that the operation will not negatively affect the work of muscles and blood vessels, nor will it cause erectile problems.

Penis enlargement surgery is not cheap. The price depends on the qualifications of the doctor, the drugs used and the level of the medical center.

Possible complications

Medical technology has reached the point where complications of any degree are impossible. But unexpected consequences did occur. This is mainly due to the selection of qualified surgeons or clinics with poor reputation. A mature medical center will try to avoid complications.

What to remind patients after surgery:

  • Severe pain during erection or sexual intercourse;
  • Reduced head sensitivity;
  • Infection and suppuration;
  • Bleeding when urinating;
  • The position of the penis is unstable during intercourse.

If these symptoms appear within the first year, they are considered to be related to penis enlargement surgery. If the patient notices at least one symptom, he should contact the clinic immediately. The medical center will prescribe the recovery process and treatment methods.

There are many side effects that can be eliminated, but a doctor’s examination is required:

  • Erectile dysfunction:
  • Dark spots or bruises appear on the penis;
  • Thrombus formed in this area;
  • blisters;
  • The member is swollen.

In any case, the patient is the path to the attending physician.

After discharge from the hospital, it is recommended to exclude physical activity and sexual activity within 3-4 weeks. Don't forget personal hygiene and change underwear regularly. The medicine prescribed by the doctor after the operation is mandatory.

Actual results

First, the patient must understand that the operation does not involve multiple increases in the length of the penis. Male reproductive organs will change within a reasonable range.

The surgeon must fully understand the expected situation. It can extend 3-5 cm, but it also depends on the structure of the organ and the physiological condition of the patient. The technique involves wearing a special dilator. Without this dilator, the penis will return to its original position within a few months.

According to the survey, 97% of people have obtained stable results, the penis has increased by 4-5 cm, the self-esteem of the patients has increased, and the libido has increased.

Whether a person needs surgery depends on him. Statistics can ensure that the operation is successful in most cases, without complications and provide high results. However, even experienced surgeons believe that the enlargement of reproductive organs is a dangerous step, and such measures must be taken in extreme cases.