How to enlarge penis with baking soda at home

Penis size

The beneficial properties of baking soda make people use it for the most common problems.

This is the reason why most men who worry about poor sex life due to small penis start to use supplements to increase it.

The review of the app is controversial-for some people, the use of baking soda helps, and the penis does increase, others claim no results.

In the following, penis enlargement recipes based on dietary supplements will be discussed in detail.

About useful attributes

Sodium bicarbonate is the chemical name of baking soda, which is used not only in the kitchen but also in other fields.

This is due to the following positive attributes:

  1. Due to the content of bicarbonate anions and sodium cations in the product, when the additives enter the human body, the acid-base balance is normalized.
  2. Reduced edema, which is related to the elimination of harmful acids in the kidneys.
  3. Oxygen is absorbed in skin cells.
  4. records the recovery of energy and biological processes in human cells.
  5. has a positive effect on bronchitis, fungal infections and burns.
  6. It has a positive effect on the condition of hair and nails and helps to eliminate facial skin problems.
  7. Baking soda is used to remove dental plaque

The popular baking soda can reduce weight in women and enlarge the penis in men.A man learns how to enlarge the penis

Impact on male dignity

The usual baking soda is used to enlarge the penis, but it is used inside and outside.

The positive effects of the product on male reproductive organs are expressed as follows:

  1. Eliminate harmful microorganisms in the penis-recommended for infectious diseases that require disinfection.
  2. Soda water stimulates the production of testosterone, which has a positive effect on sex.
  3. Promote elimination of toxins and toxins-help to produce hormones
  4. Baking soda has anti-inflammatory effects and can be used to get rid of prostatitis in the early stages.

Due to the main properties of sodium bicarbonate, it is possible to enlarge the penis with soda. Its role is to activate blood circulation, thereby affecting the swelling of penile tissue. By consuming the soda water inside, the man begins the process of vasodilation and blood thinning. This causes blood to flow into the penis and its enlargement.


action will not last long, but if used continuously, it will increase the length and width of the penis. It is important to follow the recommendations and use healthy and safe recipes

The possibility of nutritional supplements must be evaluated, and if the length of the penis is less than 10 cm, don’t waste time. Here, only plastic can help with the task.

Baking soda can make your penis 2 to 3 cm long and 1. 5 cm wide. Moreover, not all people who use baking soda to increase penis enlargement techniques have a positive effect.


Massage with related dietary supplements is an effective application method.

This action aims to enlarge the orifice of the penile tissue through which blood and micronutrients flow. This affects the thickening and partial lengthening of the penis.

Before starting the massage, please read the following precautions:

  • A sensitivity test is required. Soda powder is applied to a small part of the skin and premixed with water until a slurry is formed. The composition was left for half an hour, and then rinsed with running water. If there is no itching or irritation on the penis, use supplements as directed.
  • Massage should be performed regularly, preferably every day to achieve the effect.
  • Massage gently to avoid damaging the sensitive skin of the penis.

The massage is done in several stages, as shown below:

  1. Preparation-Wet a soft towel with warm water and wrap it around the penis. In this state, let it stand for 20 minutes, and then moisten the towel after it has cooled.
  2. Step-Prepare the massage mixture by mixing the main ingredients with water until the consistency of sour cream is formed. Massage gently, rub the mixture into the penis, and stretch and squeeze as much as possible. No pain allowed
  3. To end-after the massage (30 minutes), lie down and relax. It is important to stay relaxed for 30 minutes. After flushing the parts with running water, sanitary products are allowed.
The operation proposed by

helps to improve the blood flow to the genitals and slightly increase its flow. Regular use can promote long-lasting results.

A man takes a bath with soda water


It is recommended to use soda solution for bathing, for this you need to do the following:

  1. 2 sachets of baking soda must be mixed in a 3-liter hot water tank.
  2. Add the solution to the bathroom where the water collection temperature is acceptable to men.
  3. They sat in the bathroom for 20 minutes.
  4. In addition, in order to restore blood, they turned to contrast showers.
The method proposed by

helps to improve the metabolism of skin and genital skin cells.

This soda water is an excellent anti-inflammatory method that can resist prostate inflammation and the development of other malignant tumors in the groin area.


Sodium bicarbonate is easy to use in the form of compresses or mini baths.

To do this, please do the following:

  1. Mix a teaspoon of food additives in a cup of warm water.
  2. Dip the penis in the glass for 15 minutes.
  3. Additional pressing can be used by stirring 3 teaspoons of food in a glass of water.
  4. The resulting solution must be poured on a towel and wrapped around the penis. They will stay in this state for a similar 15 minutes.

A drop of essential oil can be added to the provided aqueous solution to improve the result.


Applying only massage or pressing will not quickly lead to positive results. Need additional oral nutritional supplements

Soda is NaHCO3, a small amount is safe for humans. If a person is diagnosed with stomach problems, it is recommended to consult a doctor before use.

For internal use, mix a quarter teaspoon of nutritional supplements with a glass of water and sip.

Monitor the condition closely, and if pain occurs, please refuse to increase the penis. If there is no pain, you can gradually increase the dose to 1 tablespoon per glass of water.

Drink the solution once a day at lunchtime. It is recommended not to drink soda on an empty stomach, but it is also recommended not to drink water on an empty stomach-it will not be effective.

Other formulas

In order to look confident and sexy in the eyes of women, such as Celentano, the following recipe is also recommended:

  1. Olive oil mixture. Add food additives to a small amount of olive oil until porridge is formed. Rub the mixture into the genitals to avoid injury and in case of increased skin sensitivity.
  2. Honey paste. Mix one teaspoon of tonic with half a teaspoon of honey. The resulting mixture was applied to the genitals for half an hour. After the time has passed, rinse the paste with warm water.
  3. Bitter gourd paste. The balsam contains essential oils, so it can improve and accelerate the effect. For preparation, add 2 tablespoons of pea balsam to standard soda sauce. The resulting composition was applied to the surface to be treated for 30 minutes.

Lipstick must be used with care. If a person feels a burning sensation after applying it to the penis, rinse off immediately with water.

What did the doctor say

Professors, doctors of medical sciences and advocates of traditional medicine believe that all human diseases can be cured by two inexpensive methods (soda water and hydrogen peroxide).

Regarding the prevention of penis enlargement and prostate adenoma, using food does not require a lot of cost and difficulty. Drinking a glass of water containing a quarter of a teaspoon of the main ingredient on an empty stomach is sufficient.

The treatment method proposed by

is controversial, because such experiments are prohibited for patients with stomach problems. If a person suffers from a chronic disease, alkali will cause the condition to become worse.Woman happy man


"I am facing the problem of prostate inflammation-the doctor found that the glands were slightly thickened during routine examinations. I decided to use folk remedies for treatment-I started using soda solution internally and externally. The problem of enlarged prostateAfter that, I noticed a slight increase in the penis after six months of regular use "

"I have been worried that my penis is too small. Even when I was a teenager, I noticed that it had a slight lag. In the erection state, it is now only 12 cm and the height is 184 cm. I started notI use soda paste for massage regularly, but I use a drink internally. The member has increased by 1 cm during the 4-month routine procedure. If it continues, the results are not bad. "

Soda pastes and solutions not only help to increase male dignity under physical conditions, but also morally enhance the relationship with the opposite sex.

You should not give up safe and almost free methods of penis enlargement.