How to make the member thicker

how to enlarge the cock

Men who want to increase the size of their main body, there are no issues with stretching — ways to increase penis length a lot. But how to make the member thicker?

The controversy over what is more important, girth or length, do not have much sense. Saturation of sex, success in intimate life, men of self-confidence depend on both parameters.

How to measure the thickness of the penis and what are the rules

Measurement made in an excited state, making use of a centimeter tape. Its wrapped around the body, then secure the result. Capture the scrotum is not necessary. The base circumference to get the diameter, you simply divide the figure resulting 3,14 (Pi).

According to the statistics, most of the men diameter of about 3 cm (circumference 9.4 cm). Although 4 inches in diameter (circumference-12.7 cm) is not a statistical average, as a rule, in the surveys, women say that only with this equal sex is a true (unless you try), or confirm that she prefers a male partner, with the advantage of such a thickness.

Even if 3 inches in diameter close to the normal doctor, can hardly safely be termed the norm in the sexual sense. Even if the phallus is long and penetrates deep intimacy, the lack of thickness reduces the efforts on no. Then the vaginal muscles will not bend the trunk of the penis completely the feeling are dull, bring a woman to orgasm is obtained with difficulty or not working at all.

The desire to increase the organ's girth and not only length — informed, righteous desire. Sexologists confirm that approximately half of the male respondents sexually active unhappy indicators. After all, everyone wants a mind-boggling vicinity, and that it has the penis, the sensations during sex are directly dependent. Externally virility also seems much more impressive, when the thickness is in harmony with the length.

Effective ways to increase penis girth:

  • the surgery;
  • massage exercise;
  • the application of special devices.

Each method has its characteristics. Results will come faster or slower. Expenses of time and forces is different.


Medical studies dedicated to how to increase the thickness of the member, in the course not before a decade.

The doctors perform many types of operations that allow you to increase the circumference of the phallus, at least one-two centimeters:

  • The lipofilling is not too much harms your body, even if you experience swelling of the penis for 2-3 months. With the help of injections on all trunk of a member to distribute the adipose tissue of the patient. In addition to the fact that his body is almost always accepts it without rejection. Unless the fat can after a couple of years disappear, leaving lumps on the surface. There are also suppuration, not fibrosis. Sometimes a member loses the original elasticity.
  • The thickness of the penis also increase, making use of fillers, synthetic fibers, such as polymethyl methacrylate. He is a gel of microscopic polymer balls — microspheres. The risk of rejection remains, no fibrosis and loss of elasticity also occur.
  • First to increase thickness of the active member used the hyaluronic acid. Also injected under the skin, for man, after a period of rehabilitation has greatly increased the body diameter. The effect, however, temporary: for the year, acid is reabsorbed — the process must be repeated. Today, however, such technology is not so popular.

About half of the reviews the women on the partner who built the circumference of the penis with the help of a surgical operation, — negative. The lord complain that virility after such change seems unnatural, ugly. The sex doesn't start to bring more fun, more often to the contrary.

Other unpleasant consequences of surgery, no matter how long the recovery:

  • during the recovery have sex, it is not possible, it is necessary to observe carefully the directions of the doctor, continually make you feel the pain, the discomfort;
  • erection is not always restored to the previous level, and the penis might lose sensitivity, especially the head;
  • tissue to heal in a way that is not uniform, and the trunk, becoming thicker, curved (Peyronie's disease).

Many of the risks of scaring, which is logical. The procedure, also if you play in local anesthesia, complex and painful. Men are turning to doctors with the question of how to increase thickness of the penis without surgery. Therefore, sexologists and experts in other fields working alternatives.

How to increase the thickness of the penis without the side effects

The surgery is expensive, and to avoid unpleasant consequences are not always successful. Effective, there are two alternatives: massage and the use of special tools.

The various gel only capable of heating the tissue of the penis, for example, before self-massage. Biological active supplements can, by providing the body of trace elements, to improve the conditions for the growth of the organ. However, the medicines in any case give only an auxiliary effect of their growth will not start.


Special exercises normalize the blood flow to the penis, tones the muscle tissue, which prevents the stasis of blood. However, power-ups to increase the circumference of your penis and enhance the power, do self-massage is necessary every day for at least six months. The average rate is a few years.

Before massaging the penis, its heated, attaining an erection. Must be complete, and about 70 % of the limit of the organ is not injured. Then do massage to improve the supply of trunk blood. With this monitoring, to avoid unpleasant sensations.

Special technology massage, you can choose any of them. But there are some drawbacks:

  • before six months, the expected results do not;
  • you can unintentionally injure a member, grate or damage the skin;
  • every day, there is a need to spend for an hour, but better than the middle, otherwise the effectiveness will be low.

Not surprisingly tasted a special technique of men are interested in, as it is possible to increase the thickness of the member, so there are no tedious procedures. All the more so that a suitable massage is not all: the people, who do not live alone, this option is unlikely to be useful.

Special devices

Who does not want to risk their health and well-being, we recommend that you apply extenders and other devices. With their help, increase the girth of your penis, without spending too much time.


Lessons with multiplier lengthen and make thicker phallus dangerous without medical intervention. Growth is a natural way: the cells divide actively, the volume of the corpora cavernosa increases as the member grows in size.

The benefits of trust, blank adhesive extender:

  • the design not to hurt the body, cleans the skin, does not cause traction;
  • adjust the workload can be alone, while the circumference will increase;
  • the device is suitable for people with a tight work or the training program, of family, of men, anyone;
  • score for three-four months — the penis becomes considerably thicker, while wearing an extender easily combined with other work, can not be said of the self-massage.

The practice has confirmed that six months of wearing the extender is already sufficient to obtain an increase. Only there are risks to the body, such as during operations. "Go out" for an entire year is not necessary. Devote time each day, such as when the self-massage, in addition, it is not necessary: the extender works on the principle of "allocation and forgotten".

Results known the following:

  • wearing it does not cause pain, then use the device for a couple of hours a day without discomfort;
  • acquired the long-term results, the regular use extender — half-two inches in circumference in six months.

Change the size of the dignity of the male can be at any age — extender-effective and for young people, and for men over the years, that have kept the sexual activity. One, one and a half, two inches in circumference, is received in addition to the increase of length, completely increase body. The success in sex becomes much more feasible, disclaimers, and irony of the partners remain in the past.

The loop "similar" extender, which are manufactured with handicraft methods, it's not worth it. Their use runs the risk of unpleasant consequences:

  • due to incorrectly calculated the weight member is not in growth, and the stretched — you feel the pain, the discomfort;
  • these tissues are damaged, the power weakens, the risk of erectile dysfunction (impotence);
  • to wear every day usually stop after a week, or even before, because it becomes unbearable;
  • convalescence after the wrong load, the penis always returns a sensitivity, sometimes the barrel of the organ is curved and remains so for ever.

When the men try to scare the fact that the drafter presumably lengthens the penis and does not increase the circumference — the self-made "pharmaceutical". Tested devices create on the most recent German samples. Their effectiveness and safety are tested at the international level.

A new type of hydraulic pump

Hydraulic processes give different effects learned a lot from this

  • help to warm the tissue of the penis before putting on special equipment, and after these procedures relieve the tension;
  • accelerate the growth of body circumference without allergic reactions, without trauma, without reactions, hormonal, and other side effects;
  • the swelling effect occurs almost instantly, taking half an hour without taking pills or other medications.

Important is to use the pump for the instructions. Then the effect from it is positive. Foul the larger in circumference. And the result is assured and does not disappear after a year, as is the case with hyaluronic acid.

Expensiveness work practices: if the game is worth the candle

If you engage in self-massage, spending money is not necessary. It is true, the mass of the people self-massage and because of this, they became. Run his discomfort, he takes a lot of time — to spend their resources where the most villaggio camping blu. And if you make mistakes with the intensity or with the same movements, easy to "earn" an injury, for which treatment will have to pay a lump sum.

From the purchase of special devices of two-three men out of ten keep their value. High do-not-call, but that's still not free, as self-massage. Then the other reasonable, well they think the buyers are the other results:

  • the price of tried, tested, safe devices on the order of magnitude lower than the cost of the surgical procedures;
  • expect side effects, such as by surgery, or make a long period of rehabilitation, it is not necessary;
  • the positive effect is obtained faster, so that the costs clearly giving its fruits.

You can still add that the progress in the sex, the pleasure of intimacy, the recognition and the admiration of women — do not have a price. You just want to get a sufficient thickness, the main male organ. The penis must be clearly and long and voluminous. Achieving this is now easier thanks to the safe, tested development.