What is the cost of penis enlargement surgery?

The motivation for penis enlargement surgery is often the desire to improve the quality of sexual intercourse. As you know, the pleasure of sex depends largely on the liberation of men and the acceptance of themselves as a mature personality. Few people will immediately decide to cut, but if you try many methods to no avail, you must choose the most effective method.

There are many techniques to increase the length and diameter of the penis. Surgical intervention is also considered the most important and effective method. One of the most successful results was that the penis was extended by 5 cm in just six months. At the same time, the operation will not affect the erection quality or the reproductive or urinary function of the penis in any way.

Nevertheless, in most cases, the results directly depend on the individual characteristics of the patient and the length and elasticity of their genital ligaments.

Factors affecting operating costs

Doctor consultation before penis enlargement surgery

If a person decides to undergo surgery, it is first worthwhile to make an appointment for a consultation at the selected clinic and understand the exact cost.

Know the answer to the question in advance: "What determines the operating cost and what is the average? " It is still worth it-knowing the price can plan your budget in advance and choose the clinic and plastic surgeon based on it. Only after that, the exam was prescribed and the necessary tests passed.

The most convenient way to understand the cost of penis surgery is on the clinic’s website or by dialing the designated phone number.

Reviews of people who have become clinic customers and expand their membership according to their plans will help select a valuable expert. Based on these comments, it is easy to find a qualified surgeon trusted by many people.

You can't save such an important intimate operation, because if it is not performed by a professional plastic surgeon, you can end a man's further intimate life.

Doctor performing penis enlargement surgery

The price of increasing the length or width of the penis is affected by the following factors:

  • The city where the clinic is located.
  • The prestige and popularity of the selected clinic.
  • The individual characteristics of the patient, the difficulty of the anatomical structure of the penis tissue.
  • Customer requirements.
  • The type and complexity of the operation being performed.
  • The professionalism and experience of the surgeon.

Any clinic is responsible for the safety and health of the patient, and the results of the surgery must fully meet the requirements of the client. Therefore, in order to avoid undesirable consequences and claim the cost of surgery, patients need to reduce sexual activity for at least 1 month after surgery.

If you do not follow these recommendations and have sex early, the transplanted fat cells will dissolve quickly, so you will not be able to enlarge your penis. It will remain the same size as before the operation.

Features and cost of ligamentotomy

Penis enlargement surgery

The operating principle of ligamentotomy is to pass through the supporting ligament of the penis, causing it to lengthen. It is impossible to increase the length and width of the penis at the same time. For this reason, the operation needs to be performed in two stages, with an interval of 6 months.

The second stage of penis enlargement surgery aims to make the diameter of the penis thicker. The essence of this method is to put your own fat or tissue under the skin of the penis. In most cases, tissue flaps are transplanted from the male’s anterior abdominal muscles because such tissues are the least susceptible to postoperative resorption.

Synthetic materials such as biological callogen matrices and gels can also be used. An experienced surgeon can easily make a small, unobtrusive incision at the base of the penis and place the transplanted tissue there.

The cost of all artificial materials used during the operation is included in the total amount of the operation.

The operation is very complicated and performed very carefully to avoid interference with the innervation and blood flow of the penis.

The amount of surgery includes preoperative examinations, clinical and biochemical blood tests, coagulation tests, and infectious diseases. ECG and consultation with an anesthesiologist are mandatory. The cost of local anesthesia and the daily hospitalization cost after the operation are included in the total cost of the operation.

After this is done, you will need to purchase an extender. You can accurately understand its cost in online stores and special websites. Then, within 2-3 months, 2-3 hours a day, it must be fixed on the penis and worn. The purpose of the extender is to keep the head of the penis as far away from the pubic bone as possible. Adjust the main and initial traction during the operation to control the load and stretch the penis and its soft tissues. As a result, there is a reaction, and the severed ligament of the penis will not be pulled back.

What results should be expected

Penis size after finger surgery

There is a saying that the diameter of the penis will shrink after surgery or after wearing an extender. But this can't happen, because when the penis tissue gradually stretches, new cells will form around the entire periphery, making the penis wider and wider. Unfortunately, there is no convenient way to thicken the penis. In order to achieve positive results, you need to wear an extender according to the plan recommended by your doctor, rather than forced events. It can be installed and worn independently at any convenient time, leading an absolutely normal life, including sex.

If the doctor guarantees accurate and fast results after the operation during the consultation, it is likely to be a deception, and you cannot trust such an expert.

No practicing plastic surgeon promises 100% results to potential clients without considering his personal characteristics. The same is true for the time required to extend the penis.

In the work of increasing the length of the penis, it is impossible to force events, because it is impossible to harmlessly accelerate the cell division process. This will take at least six months. You can simply enlarge the penis into a rope within a month, but it takes a long time to increase the amount of penile tissue (urinary tract epithelium, blood vessels, and nerve tissue). The main condition and the key to success is to wear an extender during the postoperative period. A very strong motivation is required, because the end result depends on how much time and energy the doctor and patient will put in. If the length of the penis is increased by 3-4 cm and maintained for life, the effect of the operation will be achieved. In addition, the cost of all procedures will be completely reasonable.

A successful operation can change a person's body and mind.

After enhanced phalloplasty, adaptation not only occurs in the sexual aspect, but also in the social aspect. Partially remove complexes related to penis size and cause inconvenience. When going to the bathhouse, sauna, or swimming pool, men feel relaxed and free, and build intimacy with women.