How to enlarge penis through exercise and massage

The field of intimacy has always been and will become one of the hot topics for men. Since ancient times, the penis has been promoted as a kind of worship by many people. Remember the many images of penis on the walls of surviving buildings in Egypt. The penis has always been associated with male strength and courage. Every man wants to have a bigger penis than the average person. An Arab chronicle describes the massage for penis enlargement for the first time. It is believed that Arab boys have used various penis enlargement techniques as part of sex education since childhood. In this article, we will discuss how to easily enlarge the penis at home through exercise and massage. We will determine the simplest and most commonly used methods and reveal the secrets of forgotten technologies.

Men consider massaging to enlarge their penis

Can you smoke it?

The penis is not a muscle! Thinking logically, you can understand that pumping up in the gym is impossible. You can only regulate and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. They play an important role in erection, but they are not involved in size formation. The body of the penis is composed of two cavernous bodies and one cavernous body. The cavernous body enters the head of the penis, and the cavernous bodies are on both sides. For a better understanding, you can compare the penis with the sausage in the dough, where the sausage is a sponge and the dough is sponge-like. The cavernous bodies are so called because they contain gaps or "cavities" where blood flows during erection. It works like this: blood enters the gaps and fills them. At this point, the pelvic floor muscles seem to prevent the blood from flowing out of the penis-more flowing in than flowing out. This is how erections happen. When the muscle relaxes, the venous blood leaves and the cavity is released. As a result, the large penis gradually returned to its normal size. At least all existing methods are based on increasing the number and size of the cavities in the penile body, and stretching the skin of the penis and causing trauma to the cavernous and cavernous bodies so that they have the urge to grow. All of these will increase the length and thickness of the organ. Therefore, if you want to increase your masculinity, massage is something you should pay attention to.

Technology Classification

  1. Penis enlargement massage (on static penis and erect penis).
  2. practise:
    • Zheqing.
    • Uli.
    • "Shuangwuli".
    • Reverse Uri-Jerkhin and Jeerkhin-Uri.
    • "Jelqing uses the head of his penis to support it. "

Manual way

People often use different types of expanders to enlarge the penis. But they are expensive and can damage the penis. And this is a foreign body that needs to be worn on the penis for at least 6 hours a day. This is the many shortcomings of this technology. For those who don't have the opportunity to buy an extender or don't want it at all, there are many types of massages and exercises that you can equally effectively increase the size of your penis at home. Many people think that these techniques are more physiological and less traumatic.

Penis enlargement extender

Advantages of penis enlargement exercise and massage:

  1. You can do this at home at any convenient time at home.
  2. It does not take much time (except for certain technologies).
  3. No need to consult a doctor beforehand.


  1. It is necessary to study execution skills carefully.
  2. The result is variable and highly personalized.
  3. The penis may be injured.

Let us study the techniques of massage in detail, they are also exercises to increase the penis. Regular exercise can not only increase the length of the penis, but also increase its thickness. Also note that the erection will last longer and the feeling during intercourse will be brighter.

Before performing any penis enlargement massages and exercises, you must wrap your penis in a towel and soak it in warm water for 10 minutes. This is done to reduce trauma to the penis. The penis must be heavily lubricated with lubricant or petroleum jelly (in some methods, the process is "dry", which will be mentioned). The recommended erection level must be strictly followed for exercise, otherwise the penis will be damaged.

How does uly help jelqing

Let us describe the most common exercises in detail.


The most common and famous penis enlargement exercise is "Jelqing".

Massage technique: Use the index and middle fingers of your right hand to squeeze the base of the penis and slowly stretch it towards the head. Without letting go of your right hand, use the first and second fingers of your left hand to squeeze the base of the penis, and then extend it again. Then use the right hand again, about thirty times in total. The erection should be 50-75%.


This is also a very common and simple exercise to increase the thickness of the penis.

Massage technique: You need to grab the penis and squeeze it for 40 seconds. Let go. The number of repetitions depends on the level of training, with an average of 3-5 times. During execution, you should have a full erection.


A man gets a massage to increase the size of his penis

The technique is similar to Uli penis enlargement exercises.

Method of execution: You need to grasp the base of the penis with one hand and the other hand-in the head area. Then, squeeze the penis rhythmically with both hands for 40-50 seconds at the same time. The number of repetitions also depends on the degree of training and the desired result.


Technique: Grab the root of the penis with your left hand and hold it throughout the exercise. Grab the head with your right hand, squeeze it slightly and stretch it to the bottom like Jelqing. Do this about 30 times and achieve 90-95% erection.


Massage technique: Grab the root of the penis with one hand and squeeze it. On the other hand, start jelqing exercises for penis enlargement. It is necessary to alternate. Exercise no more than 10 times, and the erection rate is 90-95%.

Glans support method

This exercise is performed with an erection of 90-95%, no more than once. In order to enhance the exercise effect, it is recommended to do Kegel exercises to exercise the perineal muscles and increase blood flow. So, back to the technology. Grasp the base of the penis with your right hand, do "Jelqing", stop on the head and put your hand there during the whole exercise. At this time, use your left hand to start performing "Jelqing" from the base to the head.

Bending exercises

It is performed on a penis that is hardly erect without the use of lubricants, and the highest level of erection is 25%. This technique aims to increase the thickness of the penis.

To do this, you need to grasp the head of the penis with one hand and pull the penis like a rope. Place the fingers of the other hand under the penis and bend it down. So you need to bend the penis 6 times in different directions, changing the position and number. With the advent of bending dexterity, you can no longer use 1-2 fingers, but 4 fingers. This will be more effective.

Finally, we will introduce the techniques of Kegel exercises, which can be easily performed at home.

This is easy to do-just try to stop the flow of urine while urinating, and you will immediately feel the tension between the scrotum and anus, where the muscles important for erection are located. The pause that simulates the flow of urine is exercise. You can train the perineal muscles in this way anywhere without being noticed by others.

From practice: In order to get a greater effect, you can use various ointments, mousses and creams to change the size of the penis while performing massage to enlarge the penis.

There is nothing impossible in life! It all depends on the degree of motivation and effort. Over the years, penis enlargement exercises have proven to be effective, but it does not require weeks of training to achieve results. try it! It feels so good to be manly!