How to enlarge the penis by a few centimeters?

According to medical statistics, one third of men are dissatisfied with their penis size. Therefore, people are increasingly turning to doctors for help, asking them to propose a good way to increase the penis by at least a few centimeters. Today there are many ways to extend the penis by 2 cm or more. However, each of them has its own nuances, and understanding these nuances will enable you to achieve good results.

What is the normal length of the penis?

Measured after penis enlargement

Although hundreds of polls have been conducted among women and men in different parts of the world, it is impossible to find a "middle ground" and answer the question that the size of the sex organ is a strong standard. In some countries, people think that the optimal length should be at least 17 cm, but in the UK, for example, the number is lower, about 15 cm.

Experts believe that there are several factors that affect the size of a penis that can be considered normal:

  • The aesthetic preferences of both parties;
  • The width of the female vagina (the narrower the opening, the less important the size of the male penis in sexual activity);
  • The ability to use "dignity".

The last point is especially important because, in principle, the length of the penis does not affect the degree of pleasure that women experience during intimacy. Scientists long ago refuted the myth that girls can only get strong and vivid orgasms when their partners have huge reproductive organs. In fact, a woman’s vagina is only 5-7 cm deep and very sensitive, so a small member can bring her beloved into ecstasy. It all depends on the skill of the lover in bed.

How to enlarge the penis by 5 cm or more at home

Nevertheless, if a man does not want to listen to the doctor's advice and decides that he still needs to grow a penis, then he can use several methods available at home:

  • Hardware
  • Manual
  • Medication.

Each of these methods has its own shortcomings and advantages, so you need to learn more about them before making a choice.

Important! In order to enlarge your penis quickly at home without complications, you should first consult a specialist. He will perform an ultrasound of the blood vessels and organs of the small pelvis. Based on the diagnosis, he will decide whether he can lengthen the penis himself or do it better in the clinic.

Hardware technology

In medical equipment stores or sex shops, you can find many devices that help increase your "dignity" to 20 centimeters in your home. One of the most famous and popular is the vacuum extender over the years.

Penis enlargement extender

The device has the shape of a pump. She "sucked" the head of the penis and pulled it down with the help of a special piston, the bottom of which rested against the pubic area. In this position, a man should spend about 5-6 minutes. There is no limit to the number of programs.

The disadvantages of this device are as follows:

  • The possibility of squeezing the blood vessels under the delicate skin of the head of the penis;
  • Bruises on the genitals;
  • Discomfort during the operation;
  • The need for long-term use.

The advantage of the extender is that it works very well (the penis will increase by about 3 cm after one month) and is very cheap. In addition, if needed, you can buy a soft and elastic cushion for the vacuum pump to reduce trauma and ensure that there are no bruises. But it's worth remembering that you should replace them every time you use extenders, which is a bit expensive.


If you can’t buy an extender for any reason, you can use its equally effective alternatives.

Penis enlargement pump

Some alternative models are equipped with vibration motors, which will attract masturbation lovers. Of course, the price of this equipment is higher than the classic vacuum pump, but judging from the comments on the men's forum, it is worth it.

General advantages and disadvantages of hardware technology

The main advantages of household hardware for penis enlargement include:

  • An excellent alternative to expensive surgery;
  • The ability to use the pump anytime and anywhere;
  • Suitable for all men, regardless of age;
  • Allows you to strengthen your erection;
  • Not only can the penis be enlarged, but it can also prevent diseases of the blood vessels and organs of the small pelvis.

The disadvantages of this technology are as follows:

  • If the risk of bleeding and blood vessel rupture is high, the pump is disabled;
  • You cannot use the device while taking blood thinners;
  • Petechiae appear on the penis-red or dark purple spots (the result of rupture of small blood vessels under vacuum pressure);
  • Numbness of the penis after surgery;
  • Dry skin and painful intercourse.

How to use your pump correctly

The process of hardware penis extension includes several consecutive steps:

  1. Rinse the extension bottle with clean water and dry it with a napkin;
  2. The penis is pre-lubricated with a special lubricant (you can use lidocaine-based products)
  3. The pump is placed on the penis and air starts to be drawn from the penis (generating pressure);
  4. The vacuum reaches the limit and is fixed by the regulator for 5-6 minutes;
  5. After the specified time, the regulator is squeezed out and the air slowly fills the pump.
Use a pump to enlarge the penis

Although many thinner manufacturers guarantee that their products are harmless and can be used at least 10 times a day, experts still insist on restrictions. The doctor recommends not to use the pump more than 3 times a day. This is sufficient for short-term penis enlargement.

Important! If the extender is not only used to extend the penis, but also to masturbate, the vacuum should be adjusted to the midpoint to avoid trauma.

Manual penis extension

This term refers to the use of a special massage to stimulate blood flow to the pelvic organs and increase the volume of the cavernous body.

This method is "gentle". By lengthening the penis in this way, you don't have to worry about any unpleasant consequences, bruises or ruptured blood vessels. However, it is worth remembering that manual therapy requires patience, because its results will not be obvious within a month, or even within two months.

Basic Skills of "Zeng" Massage

The doctor provides a set of manual actions designed to stimulate the growth of cavernous tissue. The most effective method is shown below. Regular use of these techniques will allow you to extend your penis by at least 2 cm in a short period of time.

  1. "Milk".Clamping the penis with his right hand, the man began to make a motion similar to squeezing milk from the nipple of a cow. One method should complete approximately 10 operations. Then rest for a while and repeat the massage again. During "milking", the growth of fibers in the penis and penis's circulatory structure accelerates.
  2. Smooth.The penis is placed between the palms of the hands and smoothed under the special pressure of the pubic bone upward. It is recommended not to touch the head of the penis, because you may feel unpleasant if you use your hands too hard. You can use synthetic lubricants to make your palms glide more easily. There should be no anesthetic in it, because it is important to feel pressure during massage, so as to prevent damage to delicate tissues in time.
  3. Stretch.This technique is similar to the operating principle of a vacuum pump, except that in this case, the penis is stretched by hand. You need to firmly grasp the top of the penis and pull it to its maximum. Then pause for a few seconds, then release the penis. These actions are repeated 10 times, with a short break in between.
  4. Squeeze.Wrap the penis around the index finger, middle finger and thumb of both hands and squeeze hard for 2 seconds. This action is reminiscent of making dumplings, but you need to put in more effort. The massage should start from the pubic bone and move upward. The duration of a program is at least three minutes.
Penis enlargement exercise

General advice

Many men feel that manual techniques are too "boring". This is correct to a certain extent. However, all the time spent will get good results. For example, many strong people noticed that their penis had grown by 3 cm or more after regular massage for 40 days. It all depends on how seriously this person will take these procedures.

In order to use manual techniques to speed up the process of penis enlargement without hurting yourself, you should take some advice from experts:

  • All the above techniques must be completed in one day. They can be executed sequentially or alternately;
  • If massage causes severe pain, do not massage. The presence of unpleasant sensations may indicate inflammatory diseases or other pathologies of the reproductive organs;
  • Massage can diversify your sex life, so you can entrust it to your partner. However, she must be briefed in advance. This is very important, because inaccurate exercise can damage the vascular system in the penis, which can lead to reduced effectiveness;
  • To speed up the process of penis lengthening, combining manual techniques with hardware or drugs will help. This comprehensive approach will reduce the time waiting for results by nearly 60%.

Important! Before performing an "enhanced" massage at home, you should watch a few training videos. Among them, you can collect a lot of useful information that will help you use the technology and teach new actions.

Penis enlargement medicine

Doctors differ in their opinions on the effectiveness of various "miracle" drugs for penis extension. Some people say that the ingredients of these drugs will not affect the size of the penis in any way, while others believe that the active ingredients of the tablets stimulate strong and long-lasting blood flow to the penis, causing the corpus cavernosa to swell and stretch. With regularWith medication, the volume of the penis will increase and remain the same.

Penis size after enlargement

In order to find out whether it is really possible to add a few centimeters to one's "dignity" by taking various drugs, scientists conducted a series of experiments. They had about a thousand people attending, and they were not satisfied with the size of their penis. According to the results of the study, people know that drugs do help, but the effect is insignificant. This means that it can increase by 3-4 cm, but it is unlikely to extend the penis from 13 cm to 25 cm, or even as long as 30 cm (as guaranteed by advertisements for such drugs).

What to buy

The range of medicinal penis enlargement methods is very wide. Among them you can find absolute pacifiers and really effective medicines. Before selecting and using, it is recommended to consult an expert.

All these funds are carried out according to a specific plan: 2 times a day (morning and evening), 1 tablet each time. The shortest course is 30 days. If needed, you can continue taking the medicine for another week. In addition, the course must be interrupted for 15 days, after which you can repeat it again.

Expert advice

To achieve the best results with medications for penis enlargement, you need to follow the following tips:

  • The most important thing is regularity, so you should take the pills according to the instructions;
  • It is recommended to combine medication with other techniques (massage or pump-it doesn't matter);
  • A good solution is to use topical tablets for oral administration. In this case, you can use a special cream or gel to lubricate the surface of the penis.