Small penis: the concept of norms and pathology, methods of increasing size

How to increase the length or width of a member? Some people think that the size of the penis is not ideal, so they are willing to do their best to increase the size of the penis. Is it possible to be at home?

How to increase the length of the penis?

How to increase the length of the penis

At present, many people think that their penis is not enough to meet the needs of their partners, so they start to doubt their abilities.

However, before you determine the length or width of the penis is insufficient, you need to determine the normal size and ideal size of the penis. Maybe there is no reason to doubt your ability.

How to enlarge the penis? It can be done in a variety of ways. These are both surgical and non-surgical methods.

Ointments and tablets

Expert scientists guarantee that the positive effect of such drugs is only self-hypnosis, because the drug will not affect the human body in any way and has a placebo effect.

This view is difficult to refute because there is currently no reliable test that can accurately confirm the fact that the use of such funds does affect the length or width of the penis in any way.

It is safe to say that such ointments and tablets have no negative effects on the male body because they almost always contain ginseng, various herbs and yohimbine. Using such funds may strengthen your body, but it will not affect the size of your penis.

Exercise and gain weight for weight

Exercises and weightlifting for penis enlargement

The manufacturing company claims that if you wear similar clothes for 8 hours a day, you can increase your penis by a few centimeters. But this method raises a lot of suspicion, because in this way you can only stretch the skin, not the penis itself. In other words, after removing the ring, it will take some time and everything will return to its normal state.

Before starting various exercises that may affect the length and width of the penis, you need to understand that the penis is not the biceps. It is impossible to extract it.

Nevertheless, various training courses continue to be popular on the Internet, which seems to help change the size of the penis. For example, one of these complexes is called "Yehqing". They say it includes various Arabic technical exercises from ancient times.

Vacuum pump

As a result, a vacuum is formed, which stimulates blood flow to the genitals, which then becomes erect, and of course increases visually.

After the operation, a small ring was fixed at the base of the penis to prevent blood from flowing out quickly. Although this is a popular technique, it cannot be considered safe:

  • Do not rule out the patient’s premature yang;
  • may damage blood vessels and cause bruising;
  • Do not rule out
  • soft tissue injury.

Besides, after removing the ring from the penis, its size will be exactly the same as before.

Surgical penis enlargement

Penis enlargement surgery

An article was published in the journal of Urology ten years ago, which pointed out that the maximum length of the penis that can be enlarged is no more than 3 cm. At this moment, people are required to perform one of two operations.

Increase the length

It is no secret that the male penis is attached to the pelvis due to the presence of small cords. What is the supporting ligament, attach it tightly to the penis and hide a part of it deep in the body.

Surgery involves relaxing the tension on the ligaments due to the fact that they are severed. As a result, after the operation, most of the penis becomes visible. However, it is possible that the ligaments will start to grow together again in the future.

To avoid this side effect, a man must wear a special tension device on his penis every day for 6 months.

Member width increased

But after a while, the doctor realized that the fat tissue was beginning to be absorbed in some places, and as a result, the penis looked bumpy. After that, they began another operation, in which the transplanted tissue from a genetic xenogene was implanted into the penis, which was used in various types of reconstructive surgery.

Dr. J. Rosenthal claimed that there were no side effects after the operation, just like the previous situation. The result was indeed achieved and lasted for more than a year. Unfortunately, no one can 100% guarantee that the transplanted donor tissue can function normally.

In addition to these two common methods, there are other methods. For example, if the patient is overweight, liposuction can be used to visually increase the size of the penis. During the operation, fatty tissue is removed from the base of the penis.

What conclusions can be drawn about penis enlargement methods?

Can you increase members

Moreover, if a man tries to use this method to adjust his penis size without getting the expected results, he may become depressed, which may even lead to the appearance of mental erectile dysfunction.

This problem will have to be eliminated with medicine. Similarly, self-doubt can cause premature ejaculation, which can also have a negative impact on the quality of sexual life.

The only way to truly increase the length or width of the penis is through surgery. The best of any other methods will not have any effect, and the worst is that they may even hurt you. Before deciding on any procedure, be sure to consult your doctor and weigh the pros and cons.

The whole truth about penis enlargement

It is generally believed that masculinity should have a prominent figure. Well, let's say, not the kind of person who wears boots, but still. Many people become complicated due to the small size of their main organs and start to find different ways to increase their organs-because there are many discounts on the Internet. However, many of them will be useless and harmful.

Whether to stretch

We have analyzed the most popular penis enlargement techniques available today. As they said, to separate wheat from the chaff.

It is tempting to extend sexual dignity with the help of some kind of simulator called an extender. It can ensure that it mechanically stretches the organ by 4-5 cm, and even increases the organ volume by 1. 5 cm.

And-reduce its curvature and increase libido.

Although many people say that this method is helpful for them (the penis has increased by 1-2 cm within a few months), they have all noticed severe pain when using the device. By the way, they need to wear it every day. Uncomfortable Besides, extensions don’t help everyone. If the elasticity of the albuginea of ​​the penis decreases, stretching it is useless.

Factors affecting penis length:

  • Heredity
  • Characteristics of growth and development
  • Hormonal status
  • Abnormal intrauterine growth

Friction or not friction

A more suspicious way to enlarge the penis is to apply a lot of magic creams and gels in it.

According to the advertisement, thanks to pectin and tannin, you can turn male organs into huge volumes in just one week. At the same time, the doctor said that the penis enlargement cream is nothing more than a hoax.

After all, if such funds can penetrate deeper than the epidermis, they must be registered as medicines and will not be sold. The best case is that the cream will not hurt.

However, the introduction of gels, pastes, and petroleum jelly under the skin of the penis can bring dangerous consequences, and even cause loss of penile skin and even erections. Such patients must undergo surgery to preserve the penis and restore its function

However, a vacuum pump that generates pressure may cause the pressure to rise (another common method on the Internet) and easily cause blood vessels to rupture. In addition, experts believe that this method is absolutely ineffective. It is also unlikely to be useful from massages or exercises provided by some artisans. How to enlarge the penis

A man whose genitals are significantly below average will not solve his problems by applying cream or aggravating the genitals. He must seek medical treatment.

Today, the only really effective way to solve this intimacy problem is for doctors to perform surgical operations, which will actually help increase the organ to 5 cm. It has indications and contraindications. In addition, organs do not always need to be enlarged.

The average penis size at rest is about 9 cm, erect-about 15.

How to increase the thickness of the penis (all methods)

How to increase penis thickness

The possibility of penis enlargement has always worried men. Research shows that about 30-40% of men are dissatisfied with their penis size. The artificial myth holds that the bigger the penis, the better, which leads to the fact that more and more such dissatisfied people. In this regard, the drugs have not stagnated, and there is continuous development towards technologies and devices that not only increase the length of the penis but also increase the thickness of the penis.

Basic technology

Today, there are several techniques that can help increase the thickness of the penis. There is no doubt that they are suitable for home use. Therefore, among the main technologies, it is important to mention the following:

  1. Manual method.
  2. Vacuum pump.
  3. Extender.
  4. A medical method based on the use of hormone drugs.
  5. Surgical intervention.

Let’s take a closer look at each method:


According to men, one of the easiest ways to enlarge the penis. Most importantly, this method has no side effects on men and does not require the financial cost of auxiliary equipment. You can increase the length and thickness of the penis. Various exercises are used for this.

It is important to understand that, technically speaking, an increase in length means stretching the tissue of the sponge, and their expansion can provide thickness. If it is not difficult to manually stretch the male reproductive organs, in order to expand, you must maintain an erection for a certain period of time. This increases the risk of injury.

Exercises to increase the thickness of the penis during erection are the most effective. You should start with a low-intensity load, then gradually increase the intensity and complicate the exercise. Before you start exercising, remember to heat the tissue.

This can be done the fastest with hot water and towels. The next point is that there is plenty of lubrication, and any gel lubricant can be used. When performing a "dry" exercise without pre-heating the tissue, there is a high risk of damage to the penile tissue.

When you’re ready, start practicing:

  1. Stroke first.
  2. Gradually increase the pressure on the penis until the maximum erection is reached.
  3. Hold the base of the penis with one hand, and gently pull the glans back with the other hand.
  4. Continue to pull for a minute, then release the pressure and do it again.
How to exercise

There is another form of penis thickening exercises at home. The preparation phase is similar, ie don't forget to preheat and lubricate. Then grab the glans of the glans and begin to gradually stretch and squeeze it. When the maximum voltage is reached, you should stay for a few seconds.

After exercising, a relaxing massage is recommended to help restore blood circulation. The disadvantage is the length of the process.

This method not only helps increase the length and thickness of the penis, but also eliminates impotence. The vacuum pump for men is a cylinder with a pump. Place the penis in the container, and then the pump will gradually pump air out of the cylinder. As a result, the penis can be remarkably increased in a short time.

Expanders are not as popular as vacuum pumps. It is not recommended for men with abnormal anatomy of the genitourinary system. The advantages are painless, effective and no side effects.

The expander allows you to adjust the tension and extension of the penis. In the future, for best results, you can also use special rods.

It is believed that the results were observed one month after the start of use. It is important to note that the device does not stretch the cells of the structural elements of the organ, but helps to increase their number.

Therefore, the results obtained will be stored for a long time.

The scope of application of this method is very narrow. When the male genitalia is in its final stage, it is usually used in puberty. Hormonal drugs are usually used because of endocrine gland dysfunction or abnormal genetic development.


This is the most difficult and expensive way to increase the thickness of the penis. However, the results of this intervention usually last a long time. Currently, the method used involves introducing fatty tissue under the skin of the penis. Therefore, its thickness increases.

It is important to remember that over time, this area of ​​fat tissue will dissolve until it disappears completely.
Nowadays, there are many options for increasing the thickness and length of the penis.

Everyone can choose the most suitable method for themselves, from massage at home to surgery.

What should I do if the members are small

The structure of the penis

For the most strong half, the size of the penis is an important parameter, whether it is consciously or subconsciously.

The penis belongs to the male external genitalia and is an important part of the human urinary and reproductive system. The root or root of the male penis is located in the lower part of the pelvis, and the body and head are covered by the foreskin. Inside the penis, in its torso, in its outer part and in the center of the cavernous body and urethra, there are two cavernous bodies, which are also used for ejaculation. During erection, the smooth muscle fibers of the cavernous body contract and venous blood accumulates in its cavity. Filling with blood will cause the unexcited penis to increase and it becomes elastic, which is very important for sexual intercourse. For the most strong half, the size of the penis is an important parameter, whether on a conscious or subconscious level.

Normal penis size

The size of a person's penis varies greatly and depends on individual factors such as heredity, race, and intrauterine development. In urology practice, it is believed that the normal or physiological length of the penis is between 10 and 17 cm.

In an unexcited state, the length of the penis is 7 to 10 cm. An important parameter is the circumference of the penis, which is usually 3 to 4. 5 cm thick. It is believed that the upper limit is arbitrary and a penis size greater than 17 cm is not considered pathological.

The maximum penis size described by the doctor is 32 cm and the maximum circumference is 15 cm, but this is an exceptional exception, which is extremely rare. In a mature man, the size of the penis also depends on environmental factors.

The temperature factor plays an important role. When the ambient temperature is lowered, the smooth muscle of the penis will contract and shrink, and the size will be significantly reduced. This is due to the reflex activity of the nervous system designed to protect the male genitalia.

When the ambient temperature increases, an inverse proportional response is observed, on the contrary, when the penis increases due to increased blood filling.

It should be noted that under stressful conditions, when a large amount of adrenaline is released into the human blood, penis reduction may occur. Adrenal cortex hormones have a very diverse effect, including almost allNarrowing of blood vessels. Spasm of blood vessels in the penis causes its reduction.

Penis size abnormalities and causes

If the length of the erection is less than 10 cm, it is considered a small penis. A size less than 8 cm is already pathological and may cause various complications in a person's reproduction and psycho-emotional areas.

Men with small penises often wonder why small penises are dangerous? A small male penis (less than 8 cm) may be a sign of deep neuroendocrine disorders in the body.

In most cases, due to insufficient production of the main male sex steroid hormone-testosterone, the growth of the penis slows down. Testosterone is responsible for the correct formation of secondary sexual characteristics in men.

When all organs and systems of adolescents are actively mature, its physiological concentration is particularly important between 12 and 16 years old. In some cases, the size of the penis will decrease in adulthood due to inflammatory diseases of the external reproductive organs. Therefore, in Peyronie's disease, the formation of connective tissue spots occurs in the area of ​​the penile body. Over time, plaque can cause the penis to deform and bend, causing its length to decrease.

Measure the size of the penis

How to measure penis length

There is a method of measuring the penis, through which you can obtain reliable data about the size of the male genitalia. Do not use a ruler to measure the length of the penis under any circumstances. Such data will be unreliable and may lead to wrong conclusions. Length is measured when placed vertically on an erect penis parallel to the ground.

Measure along the upper surface of the penis from the bottom of the attachment area from the body of the penis to the pubic bone to the end of the glans. A flexible tape measure placed on the upper surface of the penis was used for measurement, and the measurement on the underside was considered incorrect.

The length measured while sitting or bending is also considered wrong. When the penis is erect, the penis size in its circumference is also measured. The belt measures three circles: in the coronal area of ​​the glans penis, the center and bottom of the body, and then calculates the arithmetic mean-this is the circumference of the penis.

The influence of small penis on sex life and childbirth

A man might ask, for example, what to do if the penis becomes smaller? First of all, you need to understand that the size of the penis depends on age and mental state. For most women, a penis size of more than 10 cm is satisfactory.

Don’t worry that the penis does not change much, the size change within one and a half centimeters is normal. It is important to know that despite the small size of the penis, the 8. 5 cm penis can not only meet the needs of women, but also produce the process of conception.

In most cases, men tend to think that the bigger the penis, the better, but this is not entirely true. On the contrary, due to the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the female vagina, a large penis can cause discomfort during intercourse. On the other hand, the size of the penis is less than 8 cm.

is ​​pathological and requires correction and plastic surgery, because they not only cause psychological stress for men, but also cause infertility.

A child's small penis

What if the child’s penis is small? For parents, it is important to know that until puberty begins, the size of a child's penis is actually irrelevant, and it is almost impossible to predict its size in the future.

It is worth thinking about the size of the penis over 14 years of age. The pathology usually associated with the small size of the penis in children is of hormonal nature. This condition is diagnosed during a routine examination by a urologist.

Treatment strategy

The penis in adolescence is very small and can be treated with medication. For this reason, a specialist urologist determined the level of testosterone in the child's blood and adjusted the boy's physiology to further mature.

Treatment strategies for small penis

If the size of the penis is already small in adulthood, surgery (surgical) intervention can be used to correct the size.

The risk of intraoperative and postoperative complications caused by surgical operations on male external genital organs is small, but if modern equipment and special equipment are used, the risk is small. To increase the size of the penis, surgeons perform a procedure called phalloplasty.

To do this, cut the suspensory ligament and attach the spongy body to the lower edge of the pubic bone. This operation is called a ligamentotomy, and because the penis is hidden behind the pubic bone, you can extend the penis by 2-3 cm.

It is worth noting that other types of treatments are ineffective and can even harm health, such as the use of vacuum devices, special penis extension devices and ointments. The best solution is to consult an expert on this.


The long and long penis is always the reason why young people are proud and women admire. But, unfortunately, nature does not reward everyone with such members. For many people, its diameter is small.

Don't despair of people whose penis is below average. If you want, you can increase its width at home.

You only need to follow all the above suggestions and massage your organs or wear an extender, vacuum pump or cock ring for a period of time.

However, men who decide to increase the circumference of their penis should understand that the expected effect will not appear immediately, but only after a few months.