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Gigant – immediate solution for male sexual function problems

Small penis - the cause of insecurity

Sexual intercourse - it is extremely important to life, especially for the male sex. In addition to the physical pleasure and every man in bed want to feel like a real macho, that brings the girl into ecstasy. But unfortunately, not everyone can boast of a solid and the size of his sexual organ.

The guys feel uncomfortable and insecure, because the girl can be ridiculous and cruel to humiliate the man, if a bed can not please her. Until recently, this problem could only be resolved surgically, which is not suitable at all - the result may be far from the expectations, and the cost of such a solution of the problems hit they can afford.

But these problems go away in the past with the acquisition of a powerful gel Gigantthat allows to enlarge penis to a large size, and, thanks to the components the tool is not harmful for the health. Now the official site has announced the action - of the 50% discount, the price will only be €89 — find out the price in other countries, you have the possibility to buy in France, the conditions of the offer are limited!

How it works the gel Gigant

Penetrating the tissue proteins, gel Gigant it stimulates blood circulation in the penis, which improves erection and of itself, can enlarge the penis a couple of inches. But the gel has a long-term effect, because the collagen active, always in the cavernous body, starts to stimulate their growth, the fabric stretched, and for the account of greater blood flow, the effect becomes more pronounced. Only a month of application will increase the penalties for 3-4 cm in length and add 1-1,5 cm thick, and this is not the limit!

The advantages of the gel Gigant before other means

Gel Gigant - innovative way to rapidly increase your penis

The medicine is not in place, and lately there are other drugs that promise penis growth without surgery. What Gigant it stands out among the competitors?

Pro application

Gel Gigant has beneficial properties not only for the size of the penis, but also for the total energy for the sexual well-being in general. With regular use erection becomes longer and stronger, and the level of libido and increases. Passes physical weakness, increases the level of testosterone, the man becomes more active and more energetic.

The composition of the gel Gigant

Muira Puama is the main component of the gel Gigant

The unique formula of the drug for the growth of the penis has developed along the three years, combining the wisdom tried and tested recipes popular, and the progress of modern medicine. The main task was the creation of the funds without many of the side effects and contraindications. For this were used only natural ingredients, extracts and essences, organic components.

  1. Muira Puama is a plant that grows in South America, one of the main components of the gel Gigant. In folk medicine, has long been known for its ability to strengthen the nervous system, increase vitality, but in addition to this, the component is the strongest aphrodisiac. The extract of Muira Puama greatly increases the libido, and improves tactile sensation during sexual contact.
  2. The extract of lichen – an ingredient that stimulates the growth of the penis by increasing the circulation of blood. A powerful flow of blood stretches to the corpus cavernosum of the penis makes an erection stronger and longer. Growing the thickness and length of the penis, increases the quality of sperm and increases sexual activity.
  3. The collagen is the main component of the connective tissues of man, acting directly through the skin of the penis, serves as a "building material" for the growth of the penis, can heal injuries and damages, allows to obtain a significant growth of the size of the penis.
  4. Horny goat weed – the root extract of epimedium is famous stimulating properties, it increases the sensuality, allows you to push back the time of ejaculation and continue sex act, not only to extend the pleasure of men, but also to provide great pleasure to the companion.

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The opinion of a doctor

Dr. Urologist Patrick Patrick
20 years
I often turn to the men, anxious, inadequate size of his penis. Until recently, the medicine in France could offer in this case, only a complex and expensive operation, or vacuum pumps with temporary effect. But the gel Gigant allows you to solve the problem is a lot cheaper and less radical. Because of active collagen and stimulating the circulation of money, it can realize the increase of 3-4 and 5-6 inches in a few months. I recommend the gel to all of its customers, anxious to the size of their penis.